Q: Is there any difference between grey and blue items?Edit

A: All items have a level, the grey means that the status on the item is a little lower, and the blue means a little higher than the current item level.

Q: How much life/mana does the potions heal?Edit


Q: Are the levels auto generated?Edit


Q: Is there a shop on every level/floor?Edit

A: Almost (90%).

Q: What are the chance of getting a green item?Edit


Q: Do you plan on adding more levels?Edit

A: Yes, for IPAD/IPHOD as a DLC.

Q: Does the different types of weapons have differrent speeds?Edit

A: Only Daggers and Spears, that are faster than others. See the Weapon Passive Bonuses page.

Q: Who made the graphics?Edit

A: See the game main-menu:

Q: Who made the soundtrack for the game?Edit

A: See the game main-menu: